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Conduct and Discipline

  • Observance of the college rules and regulations is compulsory. Ignorance of rules and regulations/orders issued from time to time is no excuse.Trainees are expected to College Notice Board regularly.
  • Since today's trainee is tomorrow's teacher,each trainee is expected to show exemplary conduct,being polite ,humble ,civilized in his/her behaviour.
  • All academic/administrative powers of the institution vest with the Principal of the college and in the committee duly authorised by Principal.
  • Each trainee is expected to observe strictly the college dress code as per the season specified in the dress code.
  • Each trainee is expected to be present regularly in the college(except during pre-sanctioned leave). Name will be struck off if a candidate is absenting continuously for Four Days from classes and for Three days from Morning Assembly. Candidate can seek re-admission after satisfying the Principal for the absence with proper evidence with in four days after the name is struck off.
  • No Trainee is permitted to undertake any part-time/whole-time job during the course of study. Married girl student must not be in family way at time of admission and if it is found at any time during training that any married girl student is in family way,her admission will be cancelled immediately.
  • Idle sitting on wayside leading to college,parapets and unauthorised places constitute an act of indiscipline.
  • College does not provide hostel accommodation for male candidates. Each trainee has to make his own stay arrangement.However , a hostel for girls is available and accommodation will be provided to girls of this college as per capacity and norms. Everyone is expected to live in a responsible manner in the vicinity. Any act bringing a bad name to the college will constitute an act of indiscipline liable for action.
  • No trainee is allowed to put posters in college campus/notice board and to hold assembly in college premises or addressing an unauthorised assembly in the college campus.
  • No trainee is allowed to roam about in the College corridor ,in front of clss library ,administrative block.
  • Ragging in the college is strictly prohibited.
  • Silence is to be strictly observed. Trainees causing disturbance /obstruction in the smooth functioning are liable for disciplinary action.
  • Any trainee causing loss to the college property will be penalised and asked to make good the loss.
  • Smoking,Drinking of alcohol ,use of drugs are strictly prohibited ,Any indulgence in the said activities will entail strict disciplinary action/expulsion from the college.
  • Each trainee is expected to maintain a general level of proficiency in academic, educational training.
  • Attendance in the morning assembly, Yoga,Sports,Cultural Activities, Sessional work(Library, Campus Beautification,Information & Communication Technology Education ICT and Teaching practice is compulsory. Absentees will invite a special fine.
  • For outside campus Prof./Educational tours/Cultural Activites,candiadtes must seek their guardian/parents consent to this effect.
  • Trainees are not allowed to roam about outside the college campus during recess.
  • In-service Teacher are required to obtain duty certificate from this college for release of monthly salary from their respective schools if they are on study leave with salary.
  • Parents/Guardians are expected to keep contact with the Principal of the College to know their wards progress. Office Phone No. 01892-223140,01892-222575
  • Use of mobile phones by the students inside the campus,classrooms during working hours (9.30 A.M to 4.00 P.M) is strictly prohibited. Strict Disciplinary action (Heavy fine & even cancellation of admission) will be taken against the defaulters.


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